About Us

Howard Basford Vehicle Repair is a car garage shop that provides car repair and maintenance services to all types of vehicles. We also sell tyres, batteries and other car accessories.

Howard Basford Vehicle Repair provides 24/7 services for emergency situations which require immediate car repairs. However, sale of items and other services are available only on Mondays to Fridays during regular office hours.

We provide various services such as, but not limited to:

Car repair and maintenance
Tyre-fitting, alignment and balancing
Fuel drains
Car exhaust systems
Car electrical systems

You can leave your cars with us overnight if the repairs cannot be done within the day. We have a storage space huge enough to accommodate all our clients and we ensure you that we can securely keep your car safe in the garage.

Our shop likewise have car parts and accessories for sale. We have a wide range of parts and accessories to choose from. We ensure that items are kept in stock so our clients need not wait for days or weeks for them to be able to replace certain car parts.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by calling our number found in the contact page.

    Our Latest News

    Gator Harley-Davidson Celebrates Twenty Years

    Gator Harley-Davidson Celebrates Twenty Years in Leesburg with Mini Bikefest

    Celebrating twenty successful years this July, Gator Harley-Davidson, in cooperation with the Leesburg Partnership, sponsored Mini Bikefest and Customer Appreciation Party. Considering what the best battery for Harley-Davidson Street Glide has many factors to consider. The free, two-day event took place at the family owned and operated dealership, located at 1745 US Hwy 441 and brought bikers from across the state with live music, scheduled appearances by Miss Gator Harley 2013, the Orlando Predators and their cheerleaders, and more. In 1993, Arlene and John Malik, Sr., with children Steve, John Jr. and Janice, left the cold and snowy winters of Illinois behind to purchase what was then a tiny Harley ...
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    Clear Coating

    Clear Coating

    Wood flooring can be a beautiful, long lasting choice for both home and professional settings. But keeping wood flooring from deteriorating requires some attention and care. You can check more information about the ceramic coating on https://ceramiccoatingreviews.com/. With good information and proper periodic treatments, it is relatively easy to keep your wood floors looking beautiful for years.Clear coatings will not only help your floors maintain their natural beauty, but they will make them resistant to deterioration from ultra-violet radiation, spills, chemicals, and mechanical impacts. Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of wood floors, and clear coating is the best way to protect against damage. You can also choose clear ...
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    Auto Maintenance Tips

    Easy Auto Maintenance Tips You Can Do by Yourself

    As a car owner, you should be smart and innovative. Your used car dealer near Pelham AL shouldn’t be the one to do everything for you whenever you want to do some maintenance and renovation on your car. Fortunately, you don’t really need any special skills or tools to handle some car repairs and maintenance tasks. All you need is to be detail-oriented and dedicated. Here are some of the car repairs and fixing tasks you can do by yourself: Detailing and Washing Cars Washing is one of the simplest skills that doesn’t require any special training. It’s tiresome indeed, but it won’t eat up your time. Most car owners ...
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    Car Repair Shop

    How to Choose the Right Car Repair Shop

    Having your own car lessens the stress everyday challenges can give. For one, there won’t be any need to walk and transfer between transportations. Even when you get stuck in traffic, it’s still better because at least then, you’re inside the comforts of your own vehicle. So, yes, buy a used car is a good thing – until you actually have to have it repaired. When your car needs repair, getting professional help is recommended. Now, in order to find the best car repair shop, you must do the following: Canvass Before the Need for Actual Repair Comes Sometimes, our cars breaking can down put us in such a panic ...
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