How Auto Repair Companies Use Text Marketing

Auto Repair Companies

Formulating a marketing strategy for your auto repair company is no longer tedious as there are several methods through which you can market your services. The most common is SMS campaign or text marketing, which is versatile and easily accessible.

Despite being a low-cost marketing plan, text marketing helps a business stand out. You can use it to create awareness, get new customers, let people know of your products, or to receive feedback.

SMS marketing helps Auto repair companies through:

Maintenance Reminders

It is essential for any business to build trust with its customers. By helping your customers, you earn their trust. Automobiles need regular maintenance checks to keep them in shape. However, some customers are too busy and tend to forget the car check dates.

With text marketing, you can send an SMS to your client and let them know when their next check is due. SMS marketing can also make things simpler for the customers by adding a way through which they can schedule it after receiving the text.

Promotions and Special Offers

To continue earning your customer`s trust, you need to make them feel appreciated. What better way than to let them know of special offers and exclusive promotions your company is offering than by text marketing. This helps keep your clients up-to-date with your suggestions, making them conscious of your business.

Appointment Reminders

As an auto repair company, when a client fails to show up, it reflects a loss of both time and money. Therefore, text marketing offers a solution by reminding your clients of their appointment.

If the customer is unavailable, they will communicate, which helps you manage your time better. It also increases the efficiency of your company.

Customer Updates

Any customer who brings their car for repair will appreciate being kept in the loop on the progress. Texting is more effective than an email or a phone call. If your company deals with big repair jobs, then your customers will significantly appreciate text updates on their automobiles and the completion of the repairs.

Tips for Car Care

The critical goal in any business is to retain existing customers while hoping to attract more. To keep your clients, you need to feed them valuable information, which you can do through text marketing.

Consider giving tips on better auto care, and your customers will appreciate your efforts to help them extend the “life” of their vehicles. They will see your company positively and might even attract new customers.

Customer Feedback

SMS marketing offers a great platform where your customers can contact you. The open dialogue which text marketing creates enhances trust and boosts customer appreciation.

For effectiveness, there needs to be a service through which customers can ask questions. Also, ask what your clients think of services received or products offered. Whenever a customer reaches out, even if it may be harmful, let them know their opinion counts.

90% of people in every country own SMS enabled cellphones. Thus, text marketing is a more effective marketing strategy and is superior to email marketing or traditional mail marketing. As opposed to email marketing, with SMS marketing, your maintenance and appointment reminders are likely to be seen, making it a great investment for any auto repair company.

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