Night Driving Glasses Might Not Be Helpful at All

Night Driving Glasses

Night clearsight driving glasses are increasingly becoming common in the modern world with the notion that they improve driving ability at night. A simple internet search will yield thousands of results on night driving glasses with some as cheap as $10. Most of these glasses are fitted with tints aimed at reducing the glare caused by headlights from other vehicles, street lights, or neon signs along the road.

Ophthalmologists are Questioning the Benefits of Driving Night Glasses

Despite the growing popularity of the glasses, ophthalmologists are questioning the benefits that they claim. This leaves doubt in the mind of the users who have always used the glasses, thinking that they will be beneficial without any adverse effects.

Eye specialists argue that the tints or polarized lenses used in the driving night glasses are similar to other night vision glasses. They are designed to reduce the amount of light entering the eyes. In the real sense, they will not enhance visibility but will instead make it harder for you to see. Something that makes it harder to clearly see while driving is definitely putting your life as well as the life of your passengers at risk.

Ophthalmologists say that the tinted or polarized glasses are designed to block light glare during day driving or while engaging in outdoor activities such as riding a bike, skiing, or boat riding. This assumption is in complete contrast to the used purpose in night driving.

While driving at night, eye specialists ascertain that it is important to allow the eyes to naturally adapt to the dark environment as well as the changing lighting conditions created by other vehicles and any other lighting objects along the road.

What to Do if You Have Problems Driving at Night

There are several things you can do to enhance your sight while driving at night. They’re as follows:

  • Always ensure your windscreen is clean at all times. Cleanliness should not only focus on the inside of the screen but outside as well. A clean windscreen is one of the most vital aspects of enhancing your driving ability at night.
  • Your windscreen wipers should be in good working condition, thus they should be changed if worn out. Proper wipers will be vital in cleaning the windscreen while on the road.
  • Ensure your car headlights are in good working condition. Clean them regularly, especially during dusty and rainy seasons, to remove any coats that cover the headlights. Use high-quality bulbs that ensure sufficient light.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, ensure they are clean, and consult your doctor to ensure the health of your eyes.

Ophthalmologists’ Advice

Always see your doctor if you notice changes in your night vision. Poor night vision is, in most cases, an indication of other eye problems such as cataracts, dry eye condition, and glaucoma. Treating these conditions will improve your night vision.

Ophthalmologists also recommend regular eye check-up even when they seem to be in good condition. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, individuals above 40 years should go for regular eye check-ups.

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