How to Remove Your Personal Contact Information from Sites Which Display the Information such as Whitepages, PeekYou, and Spokeo

How to Remove Your Personal Contact Information from Sites Which Display the Information such as Whitepages, PeekYou, and Spokeo

Ever been curious to search yourself on the internet? Despite what you do, the internet has loads of information about you, and it never forgets. Try any people finder site, for instance, Whitepages, Spokeo, and PeekYou; you will realize that the internet is aware of your contact information, among other details. Unfortunately, some sites display your personal information, which could result in identity theft, among other cases.

Depending on the site, some may offer low prices to reveal additional details about you. For instance, your social media profile, past addresses, marital status, education, court cases, place of residence, and hobbies. Aggregator sites have tons of information, which people could access for reasons unknown to you. Risky, right? Luckily, there is a way to erase your data from these sites. Here’s how;

Get everything you need

These sites earn through traffic. Therefore they are not ready to delete your information. Some companies have a lot of demands, and failure to meet them could result in your request being dismissed.

Depending on the company, opting out could be as easy as making a phone call, while some may demand to fax some information. Have a scan of your ID with you, and an opting-out the letter.

Conduct a search

On which site does your personal information appear? Search your name and add “site.” Search around the site trying to locate the websites opt-out terms.

Let us discuss the opt-out procedure for various sites;


It is the most annoying site because it demands you to register with them to remove information. If your information appears with them, log in, or create an account (you can use a throwaway email contact). On their directory, click on remove and get redirected to the opt-out page.


Their opt-out link is in their FAQ, which is in on the Privacy section. Remember to find your listing/ information before filling the online form. Their URL has numerous numbers that serve as a unique identifier. You will have to copy the URL and paste it to the Unique ID section of the provided online form.

You will be required to fill in an action. Choose “remove my listing” from the list. When filling out the message box, write the following, “Referring to your privacy policy, kindly consider removing my listing from your sites and other affiliated sites. Thank you for helping me with my security issues.”


Like PeekYou, start by finding your listing, then visiting the site. You will be asked to provide a valid email address to which a confirmation link will be sent. Note that a second mail will be posted after finishing the process.  Note that your phone number will remain in the site’s database.


Its opt-out terms are located amidst its privacy policy.  You will find a link, and fill out a CAPTCHA after which you start the procedure. You will then need to find your listing, which will appear with an opt-out red button.

Note that the site will require the user to copy-paste URLs with their information to send them to their customer care through a provided online contact form. Do not pay attention to these, as most requests end up ignored.


Their procedure is easy. On their website, locate the footer on the right side, and click on “remove my info.” However, to successfully opt-out, you need to find your listing through other means other than the site’s search box.

You will need to fill a CAPTCHA challenge, after which you will receive a verification email. Failure to link sent to your email will halt the entire process. Ensure you check for the mail even in the spam folder.

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