Make Way For The First Ever Self-Cleaning Car In The World

Self-Cleaning Car

Have you ever gone camping when it has been raining all night? With Your New and Used Vehicles? It’s covered with mud. You want to clean it up but you are too tired and lazy to do all the cleaning? However, you don’t have a choice, you’ll have to clean it up manually.

You went to a party and a group of drunk gals hurled something over your car. You stopped a few blocks away to check the mess it caused you. Then, you saw it was horrible and it needed a massive wash. You get the hose and splash it all out with the water.

Everyone loves and needs cars. There are too many challenges but has a little time to do the car washing. Well, I have a piece of great news for you! This will excite you!

Nissan, a Japan car manufacturer, has developed a mock-up vehicle called Nissan Self-Cleaning Car. This car has the capacity to clean its own so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your car every day.

This car is set to hitch the title as the “World’s First Self-Cleaning Car.” The car is coated by a better type of paint which is developed by UltraTech International, a Florida-based company that develops and produces environment-friendly products.

“Ultra-Ever Dry” Take note of this byname as this will be used by UltraTech and Nissan to distinguish this product. It can withstand water and oils of almost all types. It has the ability to repel everything slipping on its surface.

This car is a product of the recently developed Nano-technology, wherein when a layer of paint is applied to the surface, it forms a figure of tiny humps and canals making the water and oils pass through the surface.

The paint has proven its use against rainwater, sludge, dirt, gas, and oily substances like grease. Nissan also contends that this paint can put a stop to ice, frost, and snow build-up. It’s a way cheaper to other types of coatings that are commonly used nowadays.

Besides, if this car has come out of the market, people will be greatly benefited. Why? You can save water, time and effort with this newly invented self-cleaning car. However, the price of the paint and the duration of its effectivity is still unknown. But, at least, we have that high percentage of getting the self-cleaning car we wanted since then.

The car is still in the testing phase. There are no present plans of action if they are going to apply the self-cleaning paint to all Nissans but Nissan engineers are contemplating in this mechanics as a potential product to be sold in the market as spare parts, accessories, and components.

Say goodbye to the pails, foams, sponges, soap, and hose! With this innovation, we can envision a relatively close future where polished clean cars cross right in front of our very own eyes, paving the roads, streets, and highways, showcasing its diamond look in parking garages and lining up glowing like the stars at night.

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