15 of the Most High-Maintenance Vehicles

High-Maintenance Vehicles

Buying a car can be expensive, especially if you are into luxury cars like mqcars.sk. You will have to pay for the car itself, licenses and permits, and the car’s maintenance. The last bit is very important to consider before buying a car because it can be really expensive. To give you some idea, below is a list of the most costly cars to maintain and repair.

15. Volkswagen Passat 

The first on the list is surprisingly not a luxury car, but still, its ten-year maintenance and repair would cost a lot. In total, it would cost a whopping $11,000.

14. Subaru Forester 

You may think that an SUV like Subaru Forester would not require a high cost of maintenance since its build is already supposed to be strong. However, despite that, maintaining this Subaru Forester would still cost around $12,000.

13. Chevrolet Impala 

If you’re a fan of spacious sedans, Chevrolet Impala might be the one car you’re looking at or already have. If you don’t have it yet, do know that this car’s ten-year maintenance would cost around $12,000.

12. Acura TL 

Acura TL is a sleek sedan that needs more than $12,500 to maintain in a ten-year period. Although this model is not sold in recent years any more, its maintenance is still in the list of the most expensive ones.

11. Ford Mustang 

Ford Mustang has had various versions over the years, but the most current one with a turbo engine of four-cylinder would require around $12,500 to maintain.

10. Dodge Grand Caravan 

Dodge Grand Caravan would be a favorite of families. It’s a great minivan that can be bought for a reasonable price. However, the catch is that maintaining it for ten years would cost almost $13,000.

9. Mercedez-Benz C63 AMG 

Of course, Mercedez-Benz is among the list. This compact sedan does not only have an expensive look, but it also has expensive maintenance costing almost $13,000 over a ten-year period.

8. Audi A4 

While Audi A4 is very tempting to buy for its sleek look and high performance, do consider its ten-year maintenance that would cost you about $13,000.

7. Porsche 718 Boxster 

With a Porsche, costly maintenance is to be expected. This Porsche 718 Boxster’s maintenance cost would reach more than $13,000 in a ten-year period.

6. Infiniti Q45 

This Nissan luxury car was sold only until 2006, but its ten-year maintenance is still whopping at almost $14,000.

5. Audi A4 Allroad 

Audi A4 Allroad is an upgrade from Audi A4, which also means that its ten-year care costs higher. Its maintenance and repair would reach almost $14,000.

4. Lincoln MKS 

This Lincoln MKS, despite not being the most luxurious, still costs more than $14,000 to be maintained in a ten-year period.

3. BMW M4 

If you love BMW 4 series, but you’re looking for one with higher performance, do choose BMW M4. Just be prepared for its maintenance of more than $14,000 over a ten-year period.

2. BMW 640i Gran Coupe 

BMW 640i Gran Coupe is a luxury car perfect for a style-loving owner which is why it’s not incredibly surprising that it also takes the second spot on the most expensive cars to maintain and repair with over $15,000 in a ten-year period.

1. Porsche 911 

Porsche 911 is the most expensive car to maintain the list. This two-door sports car requires around $19,000 in a ten-year period to maintain.


These amounts may be surprising, but do remember that they are necessary to keep your car up and running. What you can do is be prepared for the maintenance cost when you do decide to buy a car

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