Converting Car Seats into a Cool Office Chair

Cool Office Chair

A lot of things around us can still be beneficial only if we know how to be resourceful and creative. Either you can buy these chairs for your office or look for the Car seats left out in the junkyard. These have a high potential of being transformed into fully functional office chairs. Not only that, your office chair will look amazing because it is customized, but it will also provide you with great comfort while sitting for long hours staring at your computer screen.

So, here’s how you can convert your car seat into a new office chair:

Steps in Converting Car Seat into A Cool Office Chair

Step 1: Find a decent car seat.

You have two ways to choose from when you’re on the lookout for a decent car seat. One of which is to personally visit junk yards that have old cars either abandoned or unused. It’s a good way because you get to see the actual conditions of the car seats personally, and you will be the judge of it. This way, you get to assess if it is still possible to restore and transform into that ideal office chair you have in mind.

If you are not lucky enough to find a decent car seat in the junkyard, the other way is to look for it in online ads. Going online means you have many options to choose from with newer models and better-quality seats.

Step 2: Look for an old office chair

It’s best if you look for old office chairs that still have a sturdy base and functional wheels. This is a must since the car seat that will be mounted into it is quite more substantial and thicker as compared to its original position. This will ensure the balance of the office chair.

Step 3: Shorten the base of the office chair

Just be aware that the office chair might require some modifications before the car seat can be mounted directly into it. It is because the set pad of the car seat is much thicker, and since office chairs are usually taller, the height of the resulting chair would be way too elevated. So instead of making you comfortable with your chair, it might just give you inconvenience while working. Thus, the base of the office chair may need to be shortened to achieve the desired height.

Step 4: Time to infuse

This moment happens when you put together the two essential parts – the car seat and the newly-refined office chair base, and they must fit perfectly.

Step 5: The Finished Product

Behold, the most exquisite office chairs of them all is finally out! There’s much more to it than the regular office chair that you’ll surely love. The seat bottom is slightly tilted backward, allowing the back to be more relaxed. It’s also very convenient to sit into, for it keeps you from sliding below the table due to constant sitting pressure. All in all, it’s cozy, adjustable, and, most of all, customized – making it the coolest office chair ever.

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