9 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid During Car Seat Safety Check

During Car Seat Safety

When you’re traveling with your children, it is important to secure the kids car seats. There are things that you must be vigilant of and since your children’s body frames can be fragile, you just don’t want to take chances. Here is uppababy mesa vs nuna pipa comaprison which will help you to avoid some mistakes upon securing the car seats:

Loose car seat for your car

A loose car seat can make your kid fall either right through the front or at the back. To prevent this, make sure you read the car seat’s manual and the ‘latch system’ has to be secured.

Loose harness for your child

A loose harness can make your kid fall out even if the car seat is intact. Tighten up the harness carefully and make sure the straps are not slacking.

The infant is positioned early facing forward

If your kid is still a toddler, the car seat has to face backward. The reason is that the bones are still developing and the back part of the infant is the sturdiest. In an event of a crash, worst-case scenario, the back will be absorbing the forces.

The car seat is not at a right angle when rear-facing

The car seat has to be at a right angle so that the posture of the body doesn’t impede your kid’s breathing airway, especially upon braking the car or sudden acceleration. Provide solid support at the back of the car seat to achieve the right angle.

The chest clip on the harness is at a wrong spot

If the chest clip is at the wrong spot, the chances of accidental ejection might be high. The only fix, however, is to constantly check for readjustments if you have observed any deviation.

The straps of the harness are in the incorrect slots

When the straps are incorrectly placed, there is a tendency for them to detach. Make sure that the straps for the upper body are attached to the upper slots only and do the same for the lower body.

Booster seat is not used

If your children are getting bigger but still not yet in adolescence, you might want to invest in a booster seat. This helps position your child so that the straps of the adult seat belt can situate on the right and safe places of the body.

There is a recall of your car seat

Recalls are meant to fix the problem of a certain part of the car. If the manufacturer announced that there is a fault on the car seating, have it fixed in the nearest dealership immediately.

Outside of the car, your child is sleeping in a car seat

Having your children sitting on a car seat outside the car, for example, at the back of a pick-up van, can possibly spell danger especially during long drives. Chances are that your children will be falling asleep and unconsciously, during bumps or inconsistencies, they might get strangled. To be safe always, use only the car seat inside.


It is not easy to prepare for a ride when you will be traveling with your children. As long as you avoid committing mistakes and put your child’s safety first, then you can devote your focus entirely on the road.

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