How to Make a Rental Car Insurance Claim from the Insurer

Rental Car Insurance

Drivers are entitled to rental coverage from their insurer or the at-fault drivers’ insurers if their vehicles are damaged. According to a survey conducted by Leiebilnord, You can contact the at-fault driver’s insurer and file a claim. Then the insurance provider will claim liability, and you will be given a rental car as your car gets repaired.

Similarly, if you add the optional rental reimbursement when applying for your car insurance policy, your rental fees will be covered by your insurer in case your car gets damaged, or you are at fault for the accident. This option is faster as compared to waiting for the insurer of the driver at fault to pay for the rental car fees.

Where to file the claim

You may be confused and not sure where to file your claim between the two insurance companies. If the other driver was the one at fault, you should first file the claim with their insurance provider so that they can directly pay for the rental car.

This option is advantageous because you will not pay for the rental expenses with your money. Additionally, you will not hurt your insurance premiums because your insurer will not pay anything.

However, in case you urgently need a rental car or the other insurer delays in processing the claim, you can retroactively seek reimbursement from your insurance provider. Insurance companies give their clients the option of renting cars as they wait for the damaged car to get repaired.

Hot to determine the fault

The fault is determined after evaluating the testimonies given by the witnesses and the drivers. Documented evidence and the police report are also considered when determining the fault.

It is recommended that you take photographs of the accident scene and the damages. You should also record witness information so that you can use it to defend your case. You should not admit any fault on your side if you know the other driver was to blame for the accident.

How to claim rental reimbursement from the other driver’s insurer

First, contact the police so that they can validate your claim. Then gather the other driver’s insurance and contact information. Prepare a document explaining how the accident occurred and substantiate the information with photographs of the damages.

If you believe that the other driver was at fault, contact their insurance provider, and initiate a claim. However, you should always remember that the driver can opt to settle the compensation without involving the insurer or police if the damages were minor.

How to claim rental car insurance from your insurer

If it was non-collision damage or you are the one at fault, you should claim the rental car reimbursement coverage from your insurer. Your insurance company will pay the rental fees while your car gets repaired. File an insurance claim with the insurer and provide details of the accident to validate your claim.

Final Thoughts 

You can make a rental car insurance claim from your insurer if you are the one at fault during an accident. However, if the other driver was at fault, you should file a reimbursement claim with their insurance company, and they will cover the rental fees as your car gets repaired.

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