Top Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should be Aware Of

Basic Car Repairs

Most people nowadays have been using cars since their teenage years. According to Zemotor, Some even can’t imagine life without a car, so they opt into buying used cars for their convenience. However, like most tangible things meant to help us in our daily lives, it can still fail us in one way or another.

The frustrations of seeing your car breaking down while in the middle of nowhere are something that needs to be addressed. However, most of these problems are something that can easily fix that you can do in just a few minutes. The following are the basic repairs that everyone should be aware of:

Replacing the tires when it is flat.

People know that “wheels” is used as a slang term for a vehicle, and there’s certainly a reason for that. That’s because wheels or tires are considered an important part. And occasionally, tires would go flat. You need to have a wrench, a jack stand, and a spare tire. The jack stand is used to lift the car off the ground. To replace the tire, simply lose the nuts while the car is lifted then remove the flat tire. Replace it with a new tire and put the nuts back. It’s just that simple.

Getting rid of scratches from paint.

Removing scratches, especially from paint is very costly but here’s DIY to help you out. First, determine how deep the scratches are then lightly sand the area to clean it. Put some rubbing compound to polish the area and wash it before putting a wax to seal the area. There you have it.

Changing the Oil

For car owners, it’s common knowledge to check the oil and change to make sure that the vehicle will run smoothly and also to increase the life span of the engine. Probably this is the most basic car maintenance step you could think of. First, remove the oil drain plug and empty the oil filter. Once empty, put the filter and drain plug again. You can now pour new oil.

Just take note that it’s a different story if the drain plug and the filter are out of reach.

Substituting Wipers

While other parts of the car are always inspected for damages, wipers are the contrary. It’s as if it is the least appreciated part. However, you need to put in mind the danger it would cause when it fails on you when you are out and it suddenly starts to rain.

Here’s how to change it. First, lift the wiper slowly away from the windshield. Make sure to do it lightly. Then look for the small tab—it will allow you to pull the wiper blade off. Push the new wiper blade and make sure that it’s tightly in place. Test the wiper to see if it won’t come off. There you go!

Final Thoughts

Car fixes are usually expensive. So it’s no wonder that owners would find themselves sighing once their car broke down in the middle of nowhere. However, you don’t need to worry for most car repairs are basic like the ones listed above. So before buying used cars, make sure that you know at least one of the basic fixes, and you’re good to go.

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