Basic Car Repairs You Should Know

Car Repairs

Many people love cars with radar detector, and it is almost impossible for them to imagine life without a car. However, cars can fail you when you need them most. When buying car accessories, you should include the basic spare parts for replacing the broken ones.

Therefore, you need to have a basic understanding of car repairs so that you will know what to do in each situation. Here is a list of the basic repairs that everyone needs to learn.

  1. Changing flat tires

Tires form an important part of the vehicle. Therefore, learning how to change a flat tire is a lifesaving skill.

Loosen the nut before lifting the vehicle off the ground. Dismantle the lug nuts and then the tire. Fix the spare tire right on and drive the nuts back on. Gently lower it down, and you are done.

  1. Changing the oil.

The car’s oil should be changed regularly to ensure smooth driving and increase the engine’s durability. Changing the oil is a basic DIY skill that you must have.

Remove the oil from your oil drain plug, unscrew the filter and empty it. Next, place the filter & drain plug back into position. Remove the cap then pour fresh oil.

  1. Changing the battery

The battery can die when you least expect. Therefore, you should know what to do when your car battery dies, and you are not in a position to seek assistance from a mechanic.

Remove the battery covers and disconnect the cables on the negative node. Then pull the clamp and repeat the same procedure for your positive clamp. Then remove screws and remove the old battery. Fix the new battery and then reconnect the clamps.

  1. Replacing taillights or headlights

It is illegal and inconvenient to drive while your car has a broken taillight or headlight. Therefore, you have to replace them when they break down or fade.

The first step is removing the screws holding the headlight in position before disconnecting the connector. Then remove the broken bulb then replace that with a new one. Plug the connector back then replace the frame.

  1. Replacing wipers

Wipers form an important component of a car, but they are least appreciated. When they break down, they need to be replaced immediately.

The replacement process involves pulling the arm away before depressing the tab to help you pull off the blade. Line the new wiper up and tightly push it in, and you are done.

  1. Replacing brake pads

The car brake pads are important safety elements of a car. Your safety is dependent on the effectiveness of the brake pads.

Replacing brake pads involves loosening the wheel lug nuts before jacking the car up. Then take the wheels off and unscrew slider bolts. Then replace the old brake pad with a new one, screw slider bolts back, and secure the wheel back in position.

Final Thoughts

A car is a necessity in the life of many people. However, it may break down when you least expect. Therefore, you should know the basic repairs for cars to avoid inconveniences when you are in the middle of nowhere.

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