10 Essential Automotive Tools You Must Have

Automotive Tools

Getting a mechanic to service your car is the best way to get your vehicle in good condition; however, in some instances, this is not possible. In some cases, the car may fail to start when you need it most, or your mechanic is not available to come and repair it. In that case, the handy husky tools come into help.

It is crucial to have the basic tools for car maintenance at all times. These will help you save time and money, especially during emergencies. On that note, here are the top 10 must-have automotive tools in your car maintenance kit:

Jack/Axle Stands

This tool is used to raise the vehicle off the ground. The aim is to enhance safety as a priority during repairs. Different cars have a place where the jack stands should be placed. It is essential to understand your car by reading the manual to know where to put the stands.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an essential tool to have. The car has some flammable elements such as petrol. The car battery is also linked to fire. Always have the extinguisher in your garage. You can also carry the extinguisher in your car.

Wrench/Spanner, Pliers, HEX Key, and Screwdrivers

These tools are common in homes but are also vital in your garage. They are used in several areas of your car, including the engine and panels, as well on the interiors. When you plan to have them in your home, also buy for your garage.

Oil Pan and Funnel

Changing the oil of your car is usually inevitable. You do not necessarily have to call your mechanic to change the oil as you can do it yourself. Oil pan and funnel will prevent the spilling of the oil as you put it in your vehicle.

Trolley Jack

Trolley jack will help you lift your vehicle at home. They come in various sizes, and you should know the best trolley jack for your car before buying. Also, know the point to hook the trolley jack in your vehicle.

Wheel Chocks

This is a tool that prevents the car from rolling. You should never ignore this tool since it is vital for safety.

Wheel/Lug Wrench/Tyre Iron

At one point, you are likely to get a flat tire. Changing a tire is an important task you should be able to do without your mechanic’s help. Wheel/Lug Wrench/Tyre Iron helps you to undo the tight nuts.

Jumper Cables

Another tool every driver should be able to use is the jumper cables. Your car can fail to start requiring the intervention of jumpers.

Torch/Work light

You might be required to do some repairs at night. It will be difficult for any task at night without the assistance of a torch.

Oil Filter Wrench

This is a tool that will help you to remove stubborn oil filters with ease. This will save time and make your work easy.

Bottom Line

Cars are unpredictable and may halt at any place. It is important to have the above basic tools and understand how to use them.

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