Top Problems Of Your Car That You Can Easily Fix By Yourself

Problems Of Your Car

It is not always important to take your car to the garage for repairs. If you buy Best Jeep Wrangler accessories here then there are some problems which are easy to fix and you can manage them by yourself. Ordinary tools that are manipulated by hand are used for such tasks. Check out the following top problems that are easy to fix.

  • Replacing air filter for the engine

Upon inspection, you can replace the filter by unclipping retainers holding the old filter. Ensure you direct the shop light at the back of your filter and monitor the amount of light going through. It will only require replacement if 50% of the light is blocked.

  • PCV valve

The vapors of the flammable crankcase are controlled by this valve so as to ensure safe burning. Your engine will be at risk if the valve is blocked by carbon accumulation. The engine can easily get damaged if the tension in the spring is lost. Wiggle the valve out of the grommet and detach it from its vacuum hose. In addition, put your new valve in and reinstall.

  • Gas lifts

Seek some help so as to have the hood held for you as this will allow easy detachment of the worn-out lifts. A set of the metric socket will help you to unbolt it. A clip made of spring is used to safeguard some lifts. Disengage safely by pulling the cylinder from a ball stud then replace the gas lift.

  • Non-Head light bulbs

Prying the lens off is very easy because you are just required to remove the holding screws.

The bulb is then pulled out in a straight line. Hold your new bulb in gloves to keep skin oils off, insert it back, and do a lens reinstalling. Skin oils can lead to bulb failures and that’s the reason they are avoided.

  • Broken antenna

Unscrew and remove the remaining mast which will be replaced with a new one. The previous antenna cable is detached from the radio and a strong string attached to its end. Pull it out after freeing it from its mount and make sure the string is visible. The new antenna is connected to the string, pulled back, attached to the radio, and finally secure your new antenna.

  • Touching up chipped auto-paint

Do a nice cleaning of the chip by using wax and a grease remover and allow it to dry. Put the applicator in your new paint and do some dabbing on the clean chip. Ensure the paint is not dripping and let the drying to take place. You will finally apply wax in the next 30 days and you are good to go.

  • Leaky sunroof

Follow the following guidelines;

Let the sunroof open and search for any drain holes

Suck out whatever debris is stuck by using a ducted plastic tube

Drip water into all drains to check if there is any draining

A speedometer cable will assist if there is any plugged drain. Use your fingers to spin the cable gently as you push it inside the drain.

The drain should finally run free after flushing and your problem will be solved.


The above tips will assist you when Upgrading Jeep Wranglers rooftop including other problems. You will save a lot of money which is paid to mechanics over simple duties. Do it by yourself and be surprised by how resourceful you can be. You can also refer to guidelines provided in the user manual.

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