Clear Coating

Wood flooring can be a beautiful, long lasting choice for both home and professional settings. But keeping wood flooring from deteriorating requires some attention and care. You can check more information about the ceramic coating on With good information and proper periodic treatments, it is relatively easy to keep your wood floors looking beautiful for years.

Clear coatings will not only help your floors maintain their natural beauty, but they will make them resistant to deterioration from ultra-violet radiation, spills, chemicals, and mechanical impacts. Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of wood floors, and clear coating is the best way to protect against damage. You can also choose clear coatings that will increase the traction of your flooring to reduce slipping.

Choosing the Right Clear Coating for Your Floor

The first step to choosing a proper clear coating for your wood flooring is to decide what your flooring should look like. Some clear coatings will change the color of the wood, usually making them darker to some degree. Water-based coatings are a good choice for light colored timbers. You should also decide if you want the finish of the floor to have a matte, satin, or high gloss finish.

Varnishes, shellacs, and polyurethane finishes are all good choices for clear coating floors. But they each have different qualities, so be sure to choose the proper one for your specific needs. As a final coat, you might want to apply a slip-resistant coating to increase friction and reduce the incidence of slips and falls.

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