Howard History

Howard Basford Vehicle Repair shop is owned and operated by Gilbert Claude, a certified technician. He has taken up years of education and apprenticeship to become a certified technician with the required knowledge, expertise and experience.

After his education stint, he then applied for a full-time job at a car company and did repairs and maintenance. Since then, he became known for his professionalism and trustworthiness with the customers. From then on, Gilbert Claude was able to build connections through his work ethics.

The clients of the car company were satisfied with the services he provided since he would explain thoroughly from start to finish regarding the problems of the car, what he will do to address the problems, and when the car has been fixed, he would also explain what were the measures taken to resolve the problems.

Things started to get hectic when Gilbert’s friends and families would call him up to ask him to repair their cars. It did not stop there. Friends of friends and friends of family members also wanted him to do repair services for them. People kept asking him when he was going to open his own car repair shop. It was then that Gilbert realized that it was too hectic for him to maintain a full-time job at the car company while trying to provide car repair services for friends and relatives. He then decided to leave his full-time job to open his own car repair shop.

The Howard Basford Vehicle Repair shop had its fair share of ups and downs. Before it became what it is today, it started out as a one-man operated repair shop and he later began to hire a team consisting of only 5 people.

Gilbert Claude had to make ends meet as he was only beginning to learn how to operate his own shop. However, after 5 years of hard work, Gilbert Claude was able to put the shop under control and began to hire more and more people to cater to the demands of his loyal customers.

Howard Basford Vehicle Repair has now set up its own identity in the car repairs and maintenance industry and will keep striving to do better in the future.