MOT Testing

A lot of people worry about the MOT testing that they need to go through because of the stress and costs that are involved. Cars can be costly to maintain, but we will do our best to charge you with the most reasonable costs for your MOT testing. We can assure you that there will be no hidden charges involved and we will do a thorough test following the strictest and highest standards.

What tests will be included in the MOT testing?

We will do an over-all checkup of the condition of your vehicle from the body of the car down to the tiniest details. These are some of the main parts of the car that we will check:

  • Structure or body of the vehicle – we will do a general checkup on the body of the vehicle to make sure that it does not have extreme damages or any issues that may result to injuries toward others.
  • Towbars – we will check if towbars are sturdy enough and if any modifications were made to it that are not allowed according to the standards. We will also check the speedometer if it is properly functioning.
  • Fuel system – we will assess if your car’s fuel system is in good working condition or not and if there are any leaks.
  • Exhaust emissions – we will inspect your car to see whether or not your car’s exhaust emissions meet the standards required.
  • Seats and seatbelts – tests will be conducted to see if the car seats are securely fixed at the right spot, if they can be adjusted with ease, and if the backs of the car seats can be raised back to its upright position. As to the seatbelts, tests will be conducted to ensure that the seatbelts can be fastened well and removed with ease, and if over-all, it is still in good working condition in accordance with the mandatory seatbelts required.
  • Doors – we will inspect the doors to ensure that there are no problems when opening and closing the doors from the inside and the outside.
  • Mirrors – rear view mirrors, side mirrors, and other mirrors will be checked to see if your car has the minimum number of mirrors required and if they are functional according to its purposes.
  • Brakes – a strict test will be conducted on the brakes since issues involving brakes can result to fatalities. We will test if it is operating accordingly together with the dashboard lights.

Other parts such as the tyres and wheels, registration plates, lights, wipers, windscreen, horn, steering wheel, vehicle identification number and electrical system of your car will likewise be tested.

A thorough checkup will be done, so you do not need to worry about anything else. We will take care of everything to make sure that all is well.